How A Healthy Diet Can Help You Manage Stress

We looked into how nutrition can play a role in helping you rebound from these times.

Consider when You’re sick, so you’ve got all this Inflammation in your body.

She says that the first step would be to cut down The crap. Highly processed foods, refined sugars and corn syrup feel good at the moment but aren’t a recipe for joy.

Skulls-Ray Says that there are a million diets out there, but she says people may benefit from making it easy. Eat more fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts, and fatty fish.

They are responsible for regulating inflammation in the body.

You don’t need to make drastic life changes instantly. Minor changes over the years can go a very long way.

Nobody Eats an ideal diet; it’s just about little changes you make over time,” She said. “And you should feel great about each incremental improvement.

Melissa Vigue

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